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Best Location Tracking Apps for Android and iPhone

Have you ever wondered where your friends and family are? Or do you occasionally misplace your phone? Some useful apps for Android and iPhone might help you keep track of your loved ones or locate a misplaced phone. Here are the best location-tracking apps for your iPhone and Android device.

1. Life360 – Best location tracking app

Life360 - Best Location Tracking Apps for Android and iPhone

Life360 is similar to a family-detailed phone app. It allows you to stay close to the people you care about. You can form a secret group with your family members and then locate them on a map. So, if your parents are at work or your brother is at school, you may check and see where they are. It also allows you to set up a special alert, similar to a message, to notify you when someone in your family arrives at a specific location. This can be important in keeping everyone secure and ensuring their well-being.

Life360 is a helpful app for families and is one of the best location-tracking apps. You can use it on your Android or iPhone. It lets you make a group with your family members, so you can always see where they are on a map. If you want to know when someone in your family gets to a certain place, you can set up a reminder for that. It’s like having a helper to ensure your loved ones are okay and where they should be.


  • No safety issues
  • Excellent connectivity
  • Regular alerts


  • Cost can be high

2. Glympse – Best real-time location tracking app

Glympse - Best Location Tracking Apps for Android and iPhone

Glympse is an easy-to-use app for your phone that helps you share where you are with your friends. You can send a special message called a “Glympse” to a friend, and it lets them see where you are, but only for a little while, like if you’re coming to meet them. It’s like telling your friend, “Hey, I’m on my way to see you,” and they can see exactly where you are on a map.

Glympse is great because you don’t have to share your location all the time, only when you want to. It’s like a little secret map that you can show your friend for a short time, and then it disappears when you’re done. This app is helpful when you’re meeting someone, so they know when you’ll arrive, but you don’t have to give away your location all day.


  • Real-time usage
  • Easy to use
  • Easily shareable
  • More precise
  • Easily customizable


  • Battery issues
  • Data concerns

3. Wondershare FamiSafe – Safest location tracking app

Wondershare FamiSafe - Best Location Tracking Apps for Android and iPhone

Wondershare FamiSafe is a helpful phone app for families. It works on both Android and iPhones. It does two main things. First, it can show you where your family members are right now, like a map that tells you if they are at school or home. Second, it can help you set up special areas, like a safe zone at the park, and it will tell you if someone in your family leaves that place. It can also keep an eye on the apps your family uses on their phones.

In simple words, FamiSafe is an app made for families to stay connected and safe. It can tell you where your family is and make sure they are safe by tracking certain places and the apps they use on their phones. So, if you want to know if your kids are at the library or using their phones too much, this app can help you.


  • Good security
  • Allows parental control
  • Geofencing
  • App blocker


  • Privacy concerns
  • Low compatibility
  • Subscription is required

4. Spyzie – Best location tracking app for accuracy

Spyzie - Best Location Tracking Apps for Android and iPhone

Spyzie is a special app for moms and dads who want to make sure their kids are safe. It works on both Android and iPhone phones. With Spyzie, parents can check where their children are. It’s like a secret GPS tracker, but only for the people you love. So, if you’re a parent, you can use Spyzie to see if your kid is at school or a friend’s house, making sure they’re okay.

The app also helps parents keep an eye on what their kids do on their phones. It’s like a helper to see if they are using their phones safely. So, Spyzie is not just for tracking but also for making sure your kids are doing the right things on their phones. It’s like having a watchful eye to keep your children safe.


  • Better accuracy
  • Privacy
  • Convenience
  • Real-time usage


  • Cost can be high
  • May be intrusive
  • Low reliability

5. iSharing – Best app for cross-platform compatibility

iSharing - Best Location Tracking Apps for Android and iPhone

iSharing is like a magical map for your phone. If you have it on your Android or iPhone, it helps you know where your phone is. So, if you ever forget where you left your phone, this app can find it for you. It can also be used to find someone else’s phone, but only if they say it’s okay and share their location with you. It’s like a helpful friend that tells you where your phone is on a map.

So, in easy words, iSharing is an app that tells you where your phone is or a friend’s phone if they allow it. It’s like a digital treasure map for finding lost phones and is one of the best location-tracking apps. Get your hands on this app from the download button below.


  • Location retrieval
  • Friends and family tracking
  • Lost or stolen phone recovery
  • Cross-platform compatibility


  • Privacy concerns
  • Some users reported battery drain issues

Safe Tracking!

Location is a very sensitive type of information and should only be shared only under required circumstances. These location-tracking apps are easy to use and can help you in various situations. Whether it’s keeping track of your family, finding a lost phone, or meeting up with friends, these apps have covered you. Make sure to respect privacy, get permission from people before tracking their locations, and use these apps responsibly.

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