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Best ChatGPT Chrome extensions

Whether you want to write convincing emails or create engaging social media content, these ChatGPT Chrome extensions give you the power to connect with others effortlessly using AI-powered language models. These Chrome extensions use an AI-powered language model by Open AI to help you. The browser extensions listed below are the top choices in their field.

1. ChatGPT for Google – Your forever assistant

ChatGPT for Google - Best ChatGPT Chrome extensions

ChatGPT for Google is an exceptional Chrome extension that enhances your search engine experience by displaying ChatGPT responses alongside search engine results. Whether using Google, Bing, or other popular search engines, this extension seamlessly integrates ChatGPT’s powerful capabilities into your browsing.

With just a single click, you can start a conversation with ChatGPT immediately after receiving an answer to your search query. This extension supports GPT-3.5-Turbo and GPT-3 models through the official OpenAI API, providing accurate and informative responses.

Additionally, it offers features like Markdown rendering, code highlights, dark mode, and even a custom trigger mode for more personalized interactions. Feedback can be given to help improve the ChatGPT experience, and a convenient copy-to-clipboard option is also available.

2. WebChatGPT – Smart extension for your Chrome browser

WebChatGPT - Best ChatGPT Chrome extensions

WebChatGPT is another Chrome extension for ChatGPT that improves your prompts for the AI tool by Open AI by incorporating web search results. You can use this free extension to enhance your conversations with ChatGPT and get more precise and recent information.

You can also access web results for your queries using this tool, which scrapes entire search results pages for in-depth analysis, extracts webpage text from any URL, and even lets you add and use prompt templates.

One of the main benefits of using this extension is that it’s comparable to the web browsing features that OpenAI provides to ChatGPT Plus users. Moreover, it goes further than the web version because it is quicker, lighter, and available to all ChatGPT users, regardless of whether they have a Free or Plus account.

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3. AIPRM – Chrome extension with predefined prompts

AIPRM - Best ChatGPT Chrome extensions

Look no further than the widely acclaimed AIPRM browser extension if you are searching for a hassle-free solution to boost your website’s SEO, marketing strategies, sales, and support efforts. With over 1,600,000 satisfied users, AIPRM is here to revolutionize your ChatGPT experience.

This incredible extension offers various carefully crafted prompt templates for domains such as SEO and SaaS. It also allows for easy customization with multiple variables, catering to free and premium users.

Furthermore, the latest update includes two highly requested features: live crawling and the ability to duplicate private prompts. To take advantage of all the benefits, you just need an AIPRM account. Click the download button below to explore one of the best Google Chrome extensions available.

4. Promptheus – Talkative AI extension

Promptheus - Best ChatGPT Chrome extensions

Promptheus is an amazing tool for Chrome that takes your conversations with ChatGPT to a whole new level. Instead of typing, you can now talk to the AI model using your voice. It’s as simple as holding down the spacebar, allowing you to have smoother and quicker interactions without the limitations of typing speed.

This extension completely changes the way you engage with ChatGPT, always improving to provide you with the best possible experience. It’s designed to be intuitive and convenient, so you can effortlessly communicate with the AI. Plus, it’s now available in over 40 languages, providing more options.

The extension’s visual interface has also been updated to enhance your overall experience. It’s now more attractive and user-friendly. Moreover, you can now even browse ChatGPT in a popup window by clicking the extension button in the top right corner. This means you can use voice interactions no matter where you are on the web.

You can simply click the download button below to add this super cool extension to your Chrome window.

5. TweetGPT – Upgrade your tweet game

TweetGPT - Best ChatGPT Chrome extensions

TweetGPT is a powerful tool that can enhance your Twitter experience. It’s a Chrome extension that brings ChatGPT’s intelligence directly to your tweets. With TweetGPT, you can engage in intelligent discussions, create thoughtful responses, and communicate more effectively on Twitter.

Whether replying to a tweet, joining a lively conversation, or expressing your thoughts, TweetGPT can help you craft your messages smartly and clearly. It seamlessly connects to Twitter and provides a user-friendly interface.

Simply activate the extension, and you’ll immediately notice the difference it makes as you tweet. TweetGPT analyzes your input and offers suggestions to improve your messages, making them more impactful, coherent, and engaging.

Since we’re already discussing Twitter, you might want to check out The Writing Paradigm’s account. If you want to stay updated on the latest technology, feel free to follow us!

6. ChatGPT Writer – Your writing assistant

ChatGPT Writer - Best ChatGPT Chrome extensions

The ChatGPT Writer is a handy Chrome extension that harnesses the power of ChatGPT’s AI capabilities to assist you in writing emails and messages on any website. This standalone extension simply requires an OpenAI login, and it consistently provides exceptional responses that often surpass the performance of other tools.

Whether crafting an important email or composing a casual message, the ChatGPT AI ensures that you receive the highest quality responses, surpassing the capabilities of similar tools. Moreover, it seamlessly integrates with any website, offering specialized support designed specifically for Gmail users.

This extension provides comprehensive language support regardless of the language you’re using. Moreover, it’s compatible with all Chromium-based browsers and supports many languages.

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7. Merlin – Your everyday buddy

Merlin - Best ChatGPT Chrome extensions

Merlin AI is a powerful Chrome extension that brings the capabilities of GPT-4, the latest generation of OpenAI’s language model, right to your fingertips. With Merlin, you can effortlessly access a wide range of applications powered by ChatGPT API, enhancing your productivity and streamlining your workflow.

One of Merlin’s standout features is its AI Chatbot, which can respond to your questions, summarize videos, articles, PDFs, and websites, and help you write emails and produce content.

The extension bundles 11 useful tools into one convenient package, including an AI Chatbot, unlimited AI responses on Google Search, WebChat, and DocChat, translation capabilities into multiple languages, AI Chatbot responses with live internet access, YouTube and blog summarization features, social media growth tools for LinkedIn and Twitter, and smarter email writing assistance.

Merlin is designed to cater to busy professionals, students, and anyone seeking to save time and optimize daily tasks. It’s free to download and use, and user privacy is prioritized with plans to ensure compliance with SOC, GDPR, and ISO standards.

8. ChatGPT Summary – The summarizer extension for Google Chrome

ChatGPT Summary - Best ChatGPT Chrome extensions

Another strong and practical extension in my list of the best ChatGPT Chrome extensions is ChatGPT Summary. It’s really useful because it helps you save time while learning by summarizing web pages and YouTube videos.

With this extension, you can easily get summaries of articles or videos without any hassle. It uses advanced technology from OpenAI to provide you with quick access to summaries. Whether you’re doing research or studying or just need a quick overview, this Chrome extension covers you.

It’s packed with features that enhance your summarization experience. It extracts the most important and readable content from web pages and sends it to ChatGPT, generating concise summaries highlighting the key information.

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9. ChatSonic – One of the multipurpose ChatGPT Chrome extensions

ChatSonic - Best ChatGPT Chrome extensions

If you’ve ever felt frustrated by ChatGPT’s inability to access the internet and provide up-to-date information, ChatSonic is here to change that. It seamlessly integrates with Google Search, offering you the latest information, AI-generated images, and references at your fingertips.

ChatSonic simplifies your email management by streamlining your workflow. You can effortlessly compose high-quality emails directly from Gmail. It also helps you summarize lengthy email threads and the entire conversation’s timeline. You can save valuable time and efficiently manage your inbox with quick replies.

Not only does ChatSonic enhance your email experience, but it also takes your social media presence to the next level. It helps you excel on Twitter, providing valuable support and boosting engagement. Additionally, it aids in improving your LinkedIn profile by generating perfectly crafted posts within seconds.

The benefits don’t end there. The tool enhances customer support on platforms like Helpscout. It delivers prompt, accurate, personalized responses to support tickets, elevating your overall customer service experience.

10. TalkBerry – Your AI chat buddy

TalkBerry - Best ChatGPT Chrome extension

TalkBerry may be the final addition to my list of the best ChatGPT Chrome extensions, but its exceptional features stand out. This powerful tool enhances your ChatGPT experience by allowing voice interactions.

With voice commands, you can engage in effortless conversations with ChatGPT. This innovative extension revolutionizes how you interact with ChatGPT, providing a seamless and convenient communication method with AI language models.

Whether you need assistance with writing projects, want to practice conversational skills, or engage in friendly chats with the AI language model, all can be done hands-free. This natural and intuitive approach makes your experience with ChatGPT truly effortless and enjoyable.

The tool also offers valuable support for language learners with its multilingual capabilities. No matter which language you’re studying, such as Spanish, French, Mandarin, or any other, TalkBerry is equipped to assist you.

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Experience ease and efficiency!

Which of these best ChatGPT Chrome extensions have you tried? Are there any other extensions that I missed? Let me know in the comments below!

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Nutan is a BCA graduate with a keen interest in the world of consumer technology. A fan of both the Apple and Google ecosystems, he enjoys exploring the latest gadgets and how they can enhance our daily lives. Nutan specializes in crafting clear and informative how-to guides and comprehensive buying advice. His insightful reviews offer an in-depth look at the pros and cons of the newest tech products, helping readers make the best decisions for their needs.

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