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Best home buying apps for iPhone and Android

Everyone requires an assured app to buy any property. Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or a seasoned real estate investor, the apps below have something for you all. They are designed to streamline the home purchasing journey, making it more accessible, efficient, and, most importantly, more informed. Here are some of the best home-buying apps for iPhone and Android devices.

From searching for the perfect property to managing your finances and connecting with real estate professionals, these apps are your trusted companions for finding your dream home. Join us as we explore the top home-buying apps, redefining how we approach real estate transactions.

Things to keep in mind

A few things should be kept in mind while buying your dream house.

  1. Location: Proper research regarding location is done and is very important since it affects the value and leads you to access essential services.
  2. Taxes: It is to be noted regarding property taxes and maintenance costs.
  3. Legal Aspects: A proper consultation with the contractor is ensured.

So, let’s dive into the house-seeking apps. Here are some of the best home-buying apps for iPhone and Android.

1. Trulia – Make a beautiful tour to find your perfect home

Trulia - Best home buying apps for iPhone and Android

Trulia is the first app in my list of the best home-buying apps for iPhone and Android, as it allows users to access different filters from location to property price and ensures it matches their proclivity. Interactive maps are helpful for both home buyers and renters.

This app provides detailed information that includes the property price, transport options, and high-quality images. Additionally, users can get information regarding neighborhoods and also, and they can get access to one of the offbeat features, “what locals say.”


  • Available both for iOS and Android
  • Interactive maps are displayed
  • User-friendly interface


  • It is a little bit difficult to navigate maps on a phone

2. Zillow – Explore your dream house with us

Zillow - Best home buying apps for iPhone and Android

Another popular home-buying app is Zillow. It offers the largest database of homes and helps contact real estate contractors by offering virtual tours of houses. Moreover, this app keeps its database updated as it adds frequently lists new properties.

The app also offers for buying, selling, renting, and more. Additionally, listing features for a home for rent or sale by the owner is free. You can get this app on your device from the download button below.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Large database
  • Offers virtual tour


  • Limited neighborhood data

3. Xome – All-in-one platform with smart technology

Xome - Best home buying apps for iPhone and Android

This all-one house-seeking app provides users with listings as well as contacting agents. It provides an option to search by image or by drawing the area. It is available both on iOS and Android devices.

The best feature is that you can tap over any property over the phone and learn about the feature. The most eye-catching fact is it provides users with a mortgage calculator to get the mortgage figures.


  • Detailed information is available even on different cartograms
  • Lots of images are available
  • Offers mortgage calculator


  • Some users reported unexpected crashes

4. Homesnap – A visual companion for your home search 

Homesnap - Best home buying apps for iPhone and Android

Homesnap provides benefits to both home buyers as well as renters. The app incorporates a powerful feature that helps users filter their listings based on photos submitted by the user.

Additionally, this app includes a very cool feature, “Snap and Search,” which allows users to take a photo of any house and quickly get all the details collected from public records. This user-friendly interface is a go-to option for people trying to get their dream house.


  • Highly defined photos and detailed information
  • Offers helpful maps
  • Vast filtering options


  • A few features are not available on the Android

5. LoopNet – Vast database and exclusive market deals

LoopNet - Best home buying apps for iPhone and Android

LoopNet is one of the best commercial apps that helps users to find and sell properties. Covering over 50,000 listings for different commercial properties, entrepreneurs mostly use it. It is usually for investors. LoopNet offers locations to the customers to meet suitable prices.

Users can view listings with the help of easy-to-navigate maps. You can get 3D pictures and contact the broker through different filters through this app. It is available both on Android and iOS.


  • Have the latest properties
  • Detailed information regarding property


  • Residential properties are not included
  • Subscription is required to access advanced listings

6. – A perfect real estate platform - Best home buying apps for iPhone and Android

You can choose a realtor as the most reliable and trusted home-buying platform. It offers a wide area for property listing and gives Google Street views with 3D tours. One of the exceptional features of this app includes “Draw Your Search,” which allows you to filter search areas from your suggested listings, and “Price Perfect,” which describes an idea of any property’s price value.

Moreover, it pops up about your new listings related to your filters. It is free to use for all home buyers. You can get your hands on this app from the download button below.


  • Provides updates on searched listings
  • Can hide listings after search filters


  • Android users face occasional glitches
  • Recommendations are not always helpful

Get your dream house 

Therefore, we can say that home-buying apps are useful platforms offering distinct filters and listings. All the apps mentioned above are some of the best home-buying apps for iPhone and Android, which can ease your looking for a house and streamline the process.

Lastly, it is better to see all the features of the abovementioned applications that can fulfill your requirements to buy your perfect house.

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