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Best iOS launchers for Android

Android and iPhones come up in comparison a lot of times. If you want an iPhone experience without losing a penny, these launcher apps are just milestones. A lot of things are there that Android can’t do, so what say if you want to experience both? If you are looking for the best iOS launchers for your Android device, then the following launchers are just a great way to change the look of your device.

You can install them from the Google Play Store and manage some permissions on your device. An iOS launcher allows you to change the interface of the Android device. It is helpful as some people want to experience the iPhone interface and see how it differs from Android. These apps offer lots of customization capabilities.

1. Launcher iOS 17: A replica for iOS with a personalized look

Launcher iOS 17 - Best iOS launchers for Android

Launcher iOS 17 is my first pick for my list of the best iOS launchers for your Android devices. This app is an easy way to give your Android a new interface that is indistinguishable from iOS and allows you to associate with your device in a new way. It is a secure launcher with different transition effects and icons.

Take control of your phone’s look and feel! This app lets you rearrange and hide unwanted apps and even customize widgets like the clock and weather on your home screen. Plus, it flawlessly mimics your lock screen and notification center for a unified, personalized experience. Make your phone work for you, not the other way around!

You can easily snap a photo or make a screen recording using its app. Plus, the app’s customization features let you easily alter things to your liking. You can also group apps as needed. However, to perform certain functions, the app requires accessibility permissions.


  • Smooth and nice
  • 100% secure


  • Problem in folder customization

2. X Launcher: Dynamic customization options with iOS standards

X Launcher - Best iOS launchers for Android

Look no further than X Launcher when you’re searching for the best iOS launcher for your Android device. This launcher will completely change the outlook of the device. This iOS version provides a wide range of themes and wallpapers to bring an iOS 13 interface. As per the customization, it is easy to drop down the apps and display them on the home screen.

A simple and accurate launcher leads the way to access the notification center with just one swipe up. Moreover, a new criterion allows the making of folders with selected apps. Different functions, like changing an icon’s name and picture, also allow changing rows and columns in the home screen.

To access the control center, swipe down the home screen, which permits you to snap photos, manage volume levels, adjust the brightness level, and toggle Bluetooth. Similarly, the option for adjusting widgets is available. This requires permission from your device settings to operate it.


  • Neat and clean look
  • Almost no ads


  • Buggy with widgets

3. iLauncher for iOS: A launcher that allows editing tools and unique user-created themes

iLauncher for iOS - Best iOS launchers for Android

Various features are available with different customizable options. A smooth and cool interface can completely change the total display of your Android. Proper customization is available to give your device an OS 13 look. The style can be changed from the launcher settings.

To take a quick snap, change the brightness level, or set Wi-Fi, you can directly visit the Control Center by swiping down on the screen. It offers a bunch of themes from the theme store. It permits to alter the size and the appearance of the device icons in OS Style. You can swipe down and drag to the home screen to find local apps.

The iOS style folder option allows for the creation of a folder, and you can drag the app according to your choice. This launcher can change the number of rows and columns. It’s a good launcher, but additionally, it offers fewer permissions regarding phone privacy.


  • Very fast-running app
  • Built-in iOS icon pack
  • 100% free


  • Less privacy

4. Phone X Launcher: Advanced notification launcher with smart widgets and quick access to features

Phone X Launcher - Best iOS launchers for Android

An excellent launcher for Android to make your device more attractive with extra interesting features. After installing, it can be seen that the icons have changed to a round look, and the taskbar swipes up like an iPhone. The setup can be changed by decreasing the size of the icon or by changing the row or column.

While swiping down the home screen, you can get quick access to the smart search feature. The customization helps make a group of apps in a folder, while some features sometimes require extra permissions. In addition, it maintains the privacy of the user by allowing a lock screen to the apps where a pattern is required to use the app.

The widget maker permits to customize their experience by creating highly functional widgets based on users’ preferences. Therefore, this mechanism provides users with an opportunity for spectacular actions. However, users can completely customize their interface based on iOS styles.


  • Abstract themes with a bunch of gestures
  • Great guidance
  • 100% secure


  • Adds keep popping up

5. XOS Launcher: Innate Gesture controls with optimized performance

XOS Launcher - Best iOS launchers for Android

A launcher designed to dupe the look of an iOS device in your Android phone. XOS launcher may be last on my list of the best iOS launchers for Android, but it is second to none. It is a go-to launcher for users who want to enjoy the aesthetics of Apple. It is easy to download and runs smoothly without slowing down the smartphone.

The launcher includes features with customizable themes that users can apply according to their choice. An app drawer allows to organize all the installed apps. The notification of unread messages makes you alert by getting badges on the app icons. The security features permit the use of app lock. A variety of themes and wallpapers are available with customization options.

Additionally, the most interesting feature is it provides gesture control during navigation on the screen. With just one swiping down, it brings a search bar feature to find out any information on the device.


  • Smooth control center
  • Quick access to the app manager
  • 100% free and secure


  • Third-part launchers may not be fully compatible

A hub of customization

The above-mentioned are some of the best iOS launchers for Android. I hope they will give you a new experience and a pace change. These launchers will give the feel of using an iPhone on an Android phone. Users can customize their needs according to the choice of each launcher. The iOS experience is offered in a variety of ways by each launcher. Allowing users to customize it to suit their needs.

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