Best self-help motivational books

5 Best self-help motivational books

In today’s challenging and uncertain world, the pursuit of personal growth and self-improvement has become increasingly vital. Discover the key to your ultimate transformation as we delve…

Labeling provisions under existing food laws

What is food labeling? Food labeling is a way to inform the consumer about the constituent and nutritional content of food. It is the information shown on…

Develop reading habit

6 ways you can develop a reading habit

You come across a post on the internet that says “Read Everyday to become successful in life”. You surf Amazon and order a few books to read….

Health is wealth or Is it?

“Health is wealth.” Indeed, we have all heard this quote, but is it really the truth? Let’s find out. Health is the biggest asset we need every…

World Food Crises- The Ticking Bomb

World is heading towards a never seen before food crisis. Years from now world wars would be fought for food and water. Experts claim that in approximately 30 years from now world food demands may rise upto 35%.

“The New Normal”- Not so Normal

On 25 March 2020, the world saw a new horror, we faced the wrath of nature, the pandemic of the decade- COVID 19. No one predicted that this would last for more than 3 years, and would cost more than 60 lakh lives.

Food Adulteration,Laws, and Standards

Adulteration of food products is commonly practiced in India by trade. Consumers like to get maximum quantity for a price as low as possible. The sellers must meet the needs of the buyers, to be able to exist. This is a vicious cycle.