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Best Android antivirus apps

Android, as open-source software, is highly vulnerable to bugs and viruses. Consequently, you might have noticed your device acting up – freezing, running unfamiliar apps, or acting strangely sometimes. Therefore, it’s wise to stop these viruses in their tracks with an antivirus app. In this guide, I’ll walk you through the best free Android antivirus apps.

1. Avast Antivirus & Security – Simple to use free Android antivirus app

Avast Antivirus & Security -  Best Android antivirus apps

The Avast Antivirus & Security app is now available on Google Play. Avast protects your device against viruses, spyware, and malware by detecting and removing them. It also scans Wi-Fi networks for weaknesses and safeguards the device against potential threats. Additionally, it restricts network traffic and app access to increase security.

Avast also includes a custom app lock for greater privacy and features such as Photovault, which allows users to hide sensitive and confidential photos in a hidden vault. The app contains features such as a call-blocker to filter out spam and unsolicited calls and a junk cleaner that helps users clean their devices by deleting junk files.

Avast allows users to control the privacy permissions of other apps, letting them know where their data is being shared. It also provides customers with a VPN for secure browsing. Additionally, this application may assist you in improving the performance of your Android device. Avast is one of the top antivirus protection apps for Android, and it also provides analytics to help you manage your app usage.


  • Virus protection 
  • Wi-Fi security checks 
  • App Lock feature
  • Photo Vault 
  • Junk cleaner 


  • Ads may be intrusive.
  • Full features need a subscription.

2. McAfee Security – Protect your browsing with a VPN

McAfee Security - Best Android antivirus apps

McAfee Security is a reliable and trending mobile app that provides antivirus protection for your device. It guards against viruses, malware, and ransomware. Moreover, it offers safe browsing and protection against malicious websites and phishing attacks. 

McAfee also scans Wi-Fi networks for security risks and provides you with a Limited free VPN for secure browsing. It has a unique “Guest Mode” feature that protects privacy by limiting guest access to your device. Furthermore, McAfee offers a media vault and a memory booster that optimizes device performance by clearing RAM. It also has a storage cleaner that removes junk files and frees up storage space. What makes McAfee stand out is its ability to extend battery life by managing power-hungry apps. 

McAfee’s premium security experience, MVISION, offers more advanced features, such as app scanning for privacy-related issues and permissions and device optimization recommendations.


  • Strong protection
  • Includes VPN 
  • App Lock feature 
  • Anti-Theft feature
  • Range of security features


  • Limited features
  • Occasional performance impact.

3. Norton 360 – All-around free Android antivirus app

Norton 360 - Best Android antivirus apps

Norton 360 provides malware protection by detecting and removing malware and viruses. It also protects the user by blocking malicious websites and phishing attempts. Besides that, Norton 360 scans Wi-Fi networks for threats and vulnerabilities and offers a VPN for secure browsing on public Wi-Fi.

Norton 360 scans and rates apps for privacy and security risks. It has anti-theft features that help users remotely locate, lock, or wipe their devices. It also monitors app behavior and privacy permissions and comes with a Wi-Fi protection feature that alerts you to unsecured Wi-Fi networks.

One of the unique features of Norton 360 is its Safe Search feature. The app can also automatically back up your contacts and block unwanted calls and texts. The app not only securely stores and manages passwords but also provides parental controls, making it one of the most versatile antivirus apps for Android. Another feature of Norton 360 is its ability to monitor the dark web for your personal information.


  • Malware protection
  • Wi-Fi security checks 
  • Includes VPN 
  • App Advisor
  • Comprehensive suite


  • The free version is limited 
  • Subscription is required 
  • Resource-intensive on older devices.

4. Microsoft Defender – Stay safe and informed

Microsoft Defender - Best Android antivirus apps

Microsoft Defender on your Android device is like a superhero that keeps it safe from all sorts of bad stuff. Like a guardian, it always looks for viruses and threats in real-time. And, just like superheroes get new gadgets, the app also receives regular updates to secure you and your data.

You can schedule when the app should scan for threats, and it can even scan when you’re not connected to the internet. It also has a primary protective built-in wall called a firewall, which acts as a shield that keeps bad things away from your device.

And don’t worry; it gets even smarter with updates to keep your Android device safe. Besides, it uses the power of the cloud to identify even the most sophisticated threats, like a superhero using a high-tech gadget. So, Microsoft Defender Antivirus is like having a trusty superhero by your side to protect your Android device!


  • Real-time virus protection 
  • Automatic updates 
  • Lightweight
  • Integrated into the Android system.
  • Offline scanning capabilities.


  • Limited feature set compared to third-party antivirus apps.
  • Lacks advanced features such as VPN or app locking.

5. AVG – Get personalized protection

AVG - Best Android antivirus apps

AVG is one of the free antivirus apps for Android that offers a bunch of helpful features to keep your device safe. It always scans for viruses and spyware and protects your Wi-Fi connection. You can lock apps with a secret PIN or your fingerprint so no one else can enter.

AVG also helps you find your device, lock it, or even wipe it clean in case you lose it. You can also keep your private photos and videos safe in a secret vault. Further, it helps you control what your apps can do on your phone. It can clean up junk to make your phone faster, save battery power, as well as block unwanted calls and texts.

There’s also a VPN to browse the internet safely, and it keeps an eye on your apps and gives you advice. Moreover, while surfing the web, it ensures you’re away from malicious websites. The app ensures you aren’t visiting harmful websites while browsing the internet. Furthermore, it notifies you to keep you informed if anything unexpected or dangerous is discovered.


  • Effective virus scanning 
  • Wi-Fi security checks 
  • App Lock feature 
  • Includes VPN
  • Battery Saver 


  • Maybe ads are intrusive
  • Advanced features require a paid subscription

You’re protected🔒

In this era of ever-increasing technology, we need to protect our data. So, which of the apps mentioned above entice you, or do you have any other antivirus app in mind to protect your Android device? Do let me know in the comments section!

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