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iPhone 15 launch market

Apple enthusiasts in India, rejoice! The tech giant is gearing up to break new ground by releasing the highly anticipated iPhone 15 in India simultaneously with its global launch, slated for mid-September this year. This exciting development, as revealed by sources close to the matter speaking to The Economic Times, marks a significant shift in Apple’s strategy. The Cupertino-based company is all set to look at India as a front-runner for the iPhone 15 launch market.

A Historic change in Apple’s approach

In recent years, eager iPhone fans in India have had to patiently wait as initial batches of the latest iPhones debuted exclusively in China. Subsequently, these coveted devices would gradually become Indian possessions over the following months. For instance, in 2022, it took approximately ten days after the global iPhone 14 launch for Foxconn’s Chennai facility to begin production. Still, it was about a month before locally manufactured iPhone 14 units were readily available in India.

However, Apple is set to rewrite the script this year. The forthcoming iPhone 15 will not only make its initial appearance catering exclusively to the Indian market but also potentially mark a historic moment in Apple’s manufacturing landscape. I expect exports to Europe and the United States to kick off after December.This shift indicates Apple’s strategic efforts to diversify its supply chain away from China, a move that has already established Apple as the largest smartphone exporter in India.

Hints of the upcoming iPhone 15

In late August, tech enthusiasts were excited when a mysterious device, widely believed to be an iPhone 15 model, appeared in India’s regulatory database. This intriguing occurrence closely mirrors the events of the previous year, when a solitary iPhone 14 model was spotted in the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) database just weeks before the official announcement of the iPhone 14 lineup. Such sightings in global regulatory databases have historically signaled that a product launch is imminent.

Apple’s expanding footprint in India

Apple’s deepening commitment to the Indian market is evident in its recent actions. The company has set ambitious targets, aiming to double sales year-on-year for over 200 Premium Reseller stores in India during the second and third quarters. These bold moves reflect Apple’s growing confidence in India’s potential as the third-largest smartphone market in the world.

During a recent earnings call, Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, shared the impressive news that the company had shattered revenue records in India. Sales have seen double-digit growth, further solidifying India’s position as a key player in Apple’s global strategy.

As Apple embarks on this groundbreaking journey to make India among the front runners for iPhone 15 launch market, it signifies a historic change and Apple’s unwavering commitment to its ever-growing Indian customer base. With the possibility of a simultaneous global launch and the Indian market’s increasing significance, Apple enthusiasts in India have ample reason to be excited about the tech giant’s future endeavors on the subcontinent.

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