How to enable Workout Do Not Disturb on Apple Watch (2024)⏱️ 1 min read

How to enable Workout Do Not Disturb on Apple Watch

The Apple Watch combines fitness tracking and connectivity seamlessly into your daily routine. When you’re in the middle of a workout, constant calls and notifications can be annoying. This guide will show you how to enable Workout Do Not Disturb on Apple Watch.

How to enable Fitness focus on your iPhone

It’s easy to turn on the Fitness focus on your iPhone. Adhere to the following steps:

  1. Launch the iPhone’s Settings app.
  2. Navigate to Focus. Locate and press the plus sign (+) and choose Fitness.

    Navigate to Focus, press the plus sign, choose Fitness
  3. Press Customize Focus → You now have the ability to select which People or Apps to get alerts from.

    Press Customize Focus and select People or Apps to get alerts from
  4. To add them, choose the Add People/Apps option → Pick the applications or individuals you want from the list → Select Done.

    Choose the Add People or Apps option, pick the apps or individuals, and select Done

Additionally, you may select a certain Apple Watch face and iPhone lock screen to reduce distractions.

Furthermore, the Control Center on your iPhone can also be launched to enter Focus mode. To do so, access Control Center by scrolling down the screen from the top right corner → press Focus → Choose the New Focus (+ symbol) → Select Fitness from the list that appears, and then carry out the previously indicated steps 4-6.

How to turn on Fitness focus on your Apple Watch

Enabling the Fitness focus on your Apple Watch is easy just follow the steps outlined below:

Note: Ensure that you turn on Fitness Focus on your iPhone first.

  1. Go to the Settings app.
  2. Choose Focus and tap Fitness.
  3. Toggle on the button next to “When starting a workout“.

    Go to the Settings app, choose Focus and tap Fitness, lastly, toggle on the button next to When starting a workout

Why auto-silence calls and alerts during Apple Watch workouts?

There are multiple reasons why you would like to auto-silence calls and alerts on your Apple Watch while you work out. Here, I’ve mentioned a few of them:

  • Stay focused during your workout: When you’re working out, paying attention to what you’re doing and how your body feels is essential. But if your watch keeps making noise with notifications, it can be hard to stay focused. These constant interruptions can break your concentration and make it tough to keep a steady pace.
  • Preserve battery life: It’s really important to save your Apple Watch’s battery life whenever you can. If your watch is always active and getting notifications, it can use up the battery quickly. This means you won’t be able to use your watch for as long overall.
  • Avoid accidents: Imagine you’re running or biking, and suddenly, your watch starts vibrating or ringing because of a notification. This surprise interruption could make you lose your balance or even lead to a possible accident. That’s why it’s better to avoid these distractions while doing physical activities.

Stay fit 🏋️‍♀️

One extremely helpful feature of the Apple Watch is the ability to silence calls and notifications while working out automatically. Distractions are lessened throughout your training, allowing you to concentrate on your fitness objectives. Do you prefer to enable Workout Do Not Disturb on Apple Watch? Tell me in the comments!


Q. Are there any other ways to avoid interruptions during workouts on Apple Watch?

Yes, turning on Theater Mode on your Apple Watch is an additional option. It stops calls and notifications from ringing and stops the watch from lighting up when you lift your wrist.

Q. Can I still see notifications on my Apple Watch if I have Focus turned on?

Absolutely! Even if you have Focus on your Apple Watch, you can still see notifications. The only difference is that they won’t make any sounds or vibrations. To check a notification, just tap on it.

Q. How do I turn off Fitness Focus on my Apple Watch?

To stop Fitness Focus on your Apple Watch, go to the Settings app → tap on Focus → choose Fitness Focus → and switch off the “When starting a workout” option.

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