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| Appearances can be deceiving |

The term ‘Blackhat’ originated from American culture and their representation of black and white hats for the distinction between evil and good. Black Hat Marketing is the unethical practice to market both products and content digitally by means of tools and techniques that boost its ranking and give it an edge over other potential competitors. This type of marketing is mostly illegal and against the guidelines of google, it is used for increasing traffic on the site but as the saying goes that ‘Appearances can be deceiving’ there’s more to it than what meets the eye.


Behind the screen with the Black Hat
Why choose me?
  • Generate great revenues 
  • Increased ranking 
  • Huge traffic on your page
  • Less time consuming
  • Faster results 
  • Cloaking- Writes two different content (one for the google bots and the other for users in order to tackle search engine algorithms)
  • Automated queries- Generate various queries by AI for keywords that besides ranking your content high
  • Mirror websites- Creates a replica and reflects on another site to increase ranking on the original one
  • Link farming- Creates hyperlinks of multiple authentic websites with one another to boost the SEO ranking  
  • Clickbait- Increases the traffic significantly through no. of clicks by attractive headlines for your content on the website

User: Hey, why not choose it? And apply it to my website as it has so many benefits and it will ultimately help me reach my target of displaying my product/content successfully with a good reach.

Did behind the screen with a Black hat make you feel the same, thinking ‘What could possibly go wrong?’ Well, as a matter of fact, everything from getting penalized for using such techniques to risking all your content online and many more. Have a read at deception decode at first & where these strategies are comparatively discussed!

The deception decode

Numerous marketers opt for black hat marketing as it’s a more straightforward method that certainly requires less effort from their side. All the Black hat strategies use deception and manipulation till they accomplish their objectives. They promise you immediate results and often obtain them, however, such results can cost your business its reputation. So, by using these you’re not only fooling others but also risking yourself which will ultimately come crashing down by violating googles webmaster’s guidelines and not work in the long run.

Cloaking 1. The two different content are rather made to target bots
2. Shows good content to search engines for cover-up and a bad one to the viewer
Automated queries 1. Does not take permission for automated access from google
2. Uses third-party tools like Web Position.
Mirror websites1. Link farming used for high ranking
2. Plagiarized content from other sites up against their knowledge
 Link farming 1. Hyperlink random websites to boost their SEO rank
2. Offers to sell links at low prices
 Clickbait 1. They are generally misleading 
2. Increases jump rate and decreases the click-through rate.
How to identify a Black Hat?

Black hat marketing basically revolves around fake content and its schemes to mislead viewers and consumers online. For example; Free download of paid( software, movie, games ), Cheat Codes of games, Open links with surveys and games, download apps/ sign up for this – to get free products in return, etc.


Now that we are clear about understanding black hat’s malicious ways and why to avoid it, there would exist an alternate solution to use for marketing. It does and it’s known as white hat marketing which is just the opposite of black hats. It improves your search rankings on search engines while maintaining the integrity of your website and staying within its terms of service. Following are some of its advantages:

  • Offers relevant and quality content 
  • Improves site navigation and speed
  • Uses descriptive, keyword-rich meta tags
  • Sustainable results with a healthy growth
  • Easy to adapt and makes website mobile-friendly 

Achieving the success that one wishes for their business requires dedication, hard work, and the right knowledge altogether. Though there is short-term success with the Black hat, it can’t compete with the white hat strategies that are safe and will give you enriching output for your efforts. Viewers who visit your site enjoy the ‘content’ and that undoubtedly develops trust from both sides. The hours spent on researching and creating your content are never wasted and are rather a constant learning phase for the ones who approach the White hat, as it is the encouraged, promoted and most of all a legal method.

Fun Facts
  1. However, there exists a third type known as Grey hat marketing that is said to be a combination of black hat and white hat marketing but its tactics are not well-defined which makes it hard for one to determine whether they will support or contrast Google’s guidelines.
  2. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a process used to optimize a website’s technical configuration. So, Black hat SEO means the usage of SEO in Black hat marketing and likewise, it’s used in other types of marketing as well.
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