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Best Halloween apps for iPhone

The season of evil is upon us! Halloween is quickly approaching, which means that goblins, witches, and ghosts are waiting to kidnap you. You must organize everything, including activities, a costume, scary makeup, and trick-or-treating. Here are some of the best Halloween apps for your iPhone that can add even more magic to the celebrations if you are still behind schedule.

1. Plants vs. Zombies 2 – Best Halloween game for iPhone

Plants vs. Zombies 2 - Best Halloween app for iPhone

Zombies vying for your life with a bloodlust—what could be more spicy? Yes, nothing at all! Everything you need to have the perfect amount of zombie fun to start your Halloween is included in Plants vs. Zombies 2. Create your own plant army and select the most formidable horticultural fighters to take on the roving zombies to open doors to endless entertainment.

With over 300 levels, 11 distinct and bizarre worlds, mind-boggling mini-games, hard infinite zones, and regular Piñata Party events, this incredible Halloween game will keep you entertained. The action-strategy game’s fluid gameplay and dynamic visuals will fascinate you for a long time.

Put your pals to the test or engage in combat with your child. This well-liked game is ideal for spending time together on Halloween.

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $0.99)


  • Engaging visuals
  • Entertaining mini-games and tasks
  • Anyone can play


  • You may get addicted to it

2. Dead by Daylight Mobile – Be fearless

Dead by Daylight Mobile - Best Halloween app for iPhone

Introducing Dead by Daylight Mobile as the second application for my list of best Halloween apps for iPhone. You have complete control over your ability to become a fearless Survivor or a lethal Killer in this 4-vs-1 hide-and-seek game. The survivors must cooperate in order to leave the Map before the Killer finds them and sacrifices them.

You can play a monster, a clown, or any other creature on the hunt as a killer. On the other hand, survivors are regular people who protect themselves from the killer, who are only too happy to hook them with meat hooks. Because it needs clever coordination to succeed, it is the perfect game to play with friends.

Dead by Daylight Mobile is a unique Halloween treat for everyone, thanks to its frightening atmosphere, eerie soundtrack, and interactive visuals. For a more immersive experience, you may also play this game on a PC or gaming console.

 Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $0.99)


  • 5 players can play at once
  • Several characters
  • Compatible with consoles and PC


  • Bugs can ruin the fun

3. Walli – Best Halloween wallpaper app

Walli - Best Halloween app for iPhone

With the Walli app, you can transform your iPhone screen into an eerie poster from a horror film. The web provides a welcoming environment for photographers and artists to contribute their original works, which visitors may download as wallpapers. Search the in-app gallery using the Halloween hashtag or terms like spooky or frightening to find many alternatives to suit your taste. I promise you, the collection will captivate you.

Walli has an easy-to-use interface makes it quick and easy to browse through its 3,000 wallpapers. When you select your preferred wallpaper, Walli presents you with two choices. They are available for download, or you may set them as the default wallpaper on your iPhone. The intelligent application directs you toward the ideal resolution for your gadget.

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $2.99)


  • Broad range of artistic mediums
  • Simple to navigate
  • Provides artists with earnings


  • Only art, no pictures

4. myNoise – Wake up to Halloween sounds

myNoise - Best Halloween app for iPhone

What if you woke up your sister to a terrifying noise? If so, allow me to present the myNoise application to you. MyNoise, a well-known iPhone sound generator software, aids in producing a variety of soundscapes, such as ambient noise, white noise, sound effects, etc. More than 250 generators for various noises, including Halloween, are stored on the gateway.

With its 10 color-coded sliders, myNoise blocks undesired sounds using frequency-shaped noises. Additionally, calibrated noise generators span the whole frequency range of 20 Hz to 20 kHz. Your hearing levels are measured by the integrated calibration process, which then synchronizes the calibrated sounds with them.

You may try a variety of eerie noises for Halloween. This can include loud noises such as thunder, shrieks, and frightening instrumentals. It is very adjustable and makes up for the absence of audio gear. Also, it can be used as an alarm app during the Halloween season.

Price: Free


  • A variety of sounds in the collection
  • Simple noise reduction techniques
  • More than 250 generators with full customization


  • General volume control is not present

5. Fotor AI – One-stop Halloween photo editor

Fotor AI - Best Halloween app for iPhone

All you need to make a silly Halloween picture dump is Fotor AI. This feature-rich program provides a one-stop shop for photo editing, collage creation, and design. With so many quirky filters, bizarre effects, typefaces, and frames at your disposal, this user-friendly software allows you to customize every photo to your preferred Halloween mood. You may experiment with photographs to your heart’s desire, thanks to AI.

You may adopt the appearance of your preferred Halloween characters, such as zombies, vampires, witches, etc., with Fotor AI’s face swap tool. The software also offers a plethora of cosmetic filters with which to play for a spooky Halloween appearance.

Using the Replacer tool, you may easily swap out one object in your picture for a different one. For example, you may replace the lamppost in your photograph with a cobweb, eerie bats, jack-o’-lanterns, or even creepy-looking ghosts. To get the correct dark setting, you can adjust the color and brightness of your images.

Price: Free  


  • Simple editing instruments
  • Aids in collage creation
  • Quirky color, light, and filters


  • The payment system is tricky

Meet the dead!🧟

As autumn approaches, Halloween arrives to celebrate all things gloomy, lifeless, and terminal. You can maximize the festivities by downloading these best Halloween apps to your iPhone. This list serves various functions to ensure that your Halloween is enjoyable. Please use the comments area to let me know if I missed your favorite. Continue reading till then!

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