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How to add or remove widgets from Home Screen on macOS Sonoma

Whether you want a glance at the weather, your upcoming calendar events, or a motivational quote, you can now seamlessly integrate widgets into your Mac’s home screen. As with the inception of macOS, Sonoma Apple has introduced a new way to keep your favorite information and tools at your fingertips: desktop widgets. In this guide, I’ll show you how to add or remove widgets from the Home Screen on macOS Sonoma.

How to add widgets using right click on Mac

Follow the steps below to add widgets on your Mac by right-clicking on the home screen:

  1. Navigate to the Mac’s home screen.
  2. Locate a blank space on the screen and right-click on the Mac trackpad (simultaneously press two fingers on the trackpad).
  3. From the presented prompt, select Edit Widgets.

    Choose Edit Widgets from the prompt displayed
  4. In the left pane, click the widget that you wish to add to your home screen.
  5. From the right pane, select the widget’s appearance. At this point, the widget will move to your home screen on its own.

    Select the widget's appearance from the right pane

Another option is to hover your cursor over the widget and then click on the green plus button. Additionally, you have the option to drag and drop the widget of your choice onto the screen.

How to add widgets from the Notification Center

Using the Notification Center to add widgets is easy. Adhere to the steps below:

  1. To open the Notification Center, click the Date and Time symbol in the upper right corner of the screen.
  2. Add any widget to your Mac using macOS Sonoma Home Screen. Just drag and drop it from the Notification Center.

    Add the widgets from Notification Center

How to remove widgets from the Home Screen on your Mac

Removing widgets off your Mac’s Home Screen is easy if you feel them unnecessary. Adhere to these steps: To remove a widget, right-click on the widgets you want to remove and choose Remove Widget.

Remove the widgets from Home Screen on Mac

Furthermore, you can also click the (-) icon in the widget’s upper left corner to delete it if you unintentionally install a widget while attempting to add a new one from the widget center.

List of widgets available on macOS Sonoma

Here are some important and commonly used features in macOS Sonoma:

  • Calendar: Shows your upcoming events and appointments.
  • Clock: Displays the current time, date, and weather.
  • Notes: Highlights your most recent to-do lists and notes.
  • Photos: Exhibits your latest photos and videos.
  • Safari: Features your favorite bookmarks and websites.
  • Stocks: Reveals the latest stock prices.
  • Weather: Provides a forecast and current weather conditions.

Apple also claims they’ve made it easier for developers to create custom widgets for macOS Sonoma. This means there will likely be a variety of widgets available to cater to different interests and needs for your Mac in the near future.

Benefits of using widgets on the Home Screen

Using widgets on your Mac’s Home screen can be really helpful for a few reasons:

  • Get information quickly: Widgets give you instant access to important stuff like the weather, your calendar events, or your to-do list. This saves time and helps you stay organized.
  • Make it your own: You can customize widgets to show the information that matters most to you. This makes your Home screen unique and more visually pleasing.
  • Do things faster: With widgets, you can do tasks without opening individual apps. For example, you can reply to messages, set timers, or add events to your calendar right from the widgets. No need to open Messages, Clock, or Calendar apps separately.
  • Be more productive: Widgets boost your productivity by giving you the info and tools you need for tasks. You can use them to track project progress, stay on top of emails, or get reminders about upcoming events. This makes it easier to get things done efficiently.

New widget added

With macOS Sonoma, you can personalize your desktop experience, and the ability to add or remove widgets from the Home Screen on macOS Sonoma is just the cherry on top. This enhanced functionality offers a streamlined way to access information, stay organized, and enhance productivity.


Q. Can I add widgets from my iPhone?

Yes, if your iPhone is connected to your Mac, you can add iPhone widgets to your desktop as well.

Q. Can I customize the look of the widgets?

Regrettably, currently, you can’t customize how the widgets on your Mac’s Home Screen look. However, you do have a wide range of pre-designed templates to choose from.

Q. Can I resize widgets?

Yes, some widgets can be resized by right-clicking on them and selecting Small, Medium, or Large.

Q. Can I rearrange widgets on my desktop?

Yes, you can drag and drop widgets to any location on your desktop.

Q. Where can I find more widgets?

The widget gallery includes widgets from various apps. You can also find third-party widgets online.

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