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Vivek Solanki, aka voiceofvivek, may only be getting started compared to many veterans, but his insatiable thirst has already distinguished him from the others. Just four months ago, this 21-year-old rising star from Gujarat started out as the face of an Instagram account, ‘Gujarati Media Factory’. He with his two fellow team members, Vedant and Hardik, began pursuing his ambition of changing the world for good. His diligence, commitment, and dash of enthusiasm are paying off. 

Gujarati Media Factory
Vivek, Vedant, Hardik (from Left to Right)

Subjects including technology, socioeconomic issues, and cultural influence, often guide his research. Vivek regularly raises content regarding Gujarati culture, cutting-edge technology, or issues with everyday living on their Instagram profile.

Read on to learn more about Vivek; his efforts, accomplishments, and setbacks. Most noteworthy is his creation of the Instagram account and his ability to influence viewers despite only creating content in Gujarati.

The small-town family

Vivek has roots in one of the small villages Babara in the Amreli region of the Indian state of Gujarat. While talking about his support system, which is indeed his family, he introduced me to the family members. His old man is a shop owner, his mother manages the household. The two elder sisters are upbringing the youth by hustling hard in the teaching segment. 

The tutoring

When questioned about his education, he stated that he comes from a science background, receiving his degree in Microbiology. He is currently studying Journalism at the Indira Gandhi Open University to gain the foundational knowledge required for his ideal job. Despite having completed his education entirely in Gujarati, he succeeded in his graduation exams by adjusting to English quite well.

BurnerBits: The baby step

Dreams do come true, but for this to happen, you have to take the first step. Vivek started the ball rolling in that direction as he started applying for positions as a Hindi content writer with aspirations in his eyes and enthusiasm in his heart. Moving down our chosen path feels as if an endless stream of writing emails and receiving rejections has caught us. However fortunately all of his sufferings paid off since he eventually got accepted as a Hindi content writer from none other than the studio of one of the most well-known artists, Tech Burner.

The battle was tough but well-fought as he proceeded to be part of the organization. For the next six months, he found himself indulging in writing Hindi scripts and other things. As time went on, he tamped a name for himself and grabbed a chance to manage the entire Hindi content portion for Tech Burner’s Hindi Instagram page. Later he began managing Social Media for the BurnerBits app and began producing reels for the app. 

Source: BurnerBits

A new role comes with new responsibilities and hassles. He had never created content before, so the setup needed to make the reels presented him with his first challenge. He initially began producing reels using an entry-level gadget, Redmi Note 10 Pro. Even though there was actual hardship, he completed the content, and Shlok Shrivastava, aka Tech Burner, later expressed his appreciation by sending the camera and other items required. 

The fact that he took this baby step while still in his first year of college is one aspect that is quite commendable. Many of us don’t even have a specific objective till then. In due course, it was time to bid the Bits farewell as our warrior was graduating and seeking a full-time opportunity.  

OTT India: The full-time story

By the time he reached his next destination, he had already launched an Instagram account, now known as ‘Gujarati Media Factory’. He soon anchored at his next stop, an organization called OTT India, with headquarters in Ahmedabad. Starting his first 9 to 5, he discovered the hard way that not everyone is cut out for every role. 

Having knowledge and interest in tech, he began a new job in another company where the work was entirely different from anything he had previously done or was doing. He is well-versed in technology, but managing news about OTT platforms or politics was not his cup of tea. He quickly understood this as he announced an early departure from the firm after only three months.

OTT India
Source: OTT India

What did you think about the reason he quit? Did the work frustrate him and he just run back home? I’m sorry to ruin all the fun for you, but that wasn’t the case. He is indeed a learner, and above that, he’s a warrior. The main reason behind his quitting was the growth of both his personal and his new ventures. 

What do you think is the most difficult part once you quit your job? Searching for the next job? Not this quick; you need to read the next section to get your answer. 

Homecoming: The horror anecdote

Telling your Indian parents that you left your job to pursue your passion might be more terrifying than watching ‘Annabelle’! Quitting a job takes courage since you are saying goodbye to not only consistent work but also a steady salary. Back in his mind, he had it all. He knew that the cycle of sending emails and receiving rejections was going to begin again. Most importantly, he had to face his parents since he was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

Home coming

He eventually returned home after leaving his current position to pursue his passion for expanding the ‘GujaratiMediaFactory’. But against all odds, his parents supported him and his decision and, as always, backed him in following his passion. Wait! Let’s bow to them. Yes, we should, as they are legends. Is his homecoming looking seamless now? Don’t forget that just when everything seems to be falling into place, you find yourself in a bind!

His parents may be supportive, but the job he recently resigned from also took away his regular income. So, once again, he found himself at the starting line, where he had to prove his abilities. However, to his surprise, he was able to get some freelance quickly.

Life: The spiritual connection

Aside from our parents, there is always one person in our lives whose opinion we value the most. It may be our instructor, a friend, a girlfriend/boyfriend, or a complete stranger. Vivek had his spiritual scholar fill this position. He’s someone Vivek has met lately and learned a lot from in the last several years. The respected learned fully changed his opinion and showed him the correct way. His mentoring has shaped the creative into the person he is today, whether a better human being or a rising star.

Life: The spiritual connection

Who is this scholar, and where can one find them? You must have these questions in your head. Keep all these questions at rest. The Sardhar city’s Swaminarayan Mandir near Rajkot, in the state of Gujarat itself, is the home of the learned. Vivek mentioned that if you ever get lost, you should go to his spot and spend some time there. Ashram’s surroundings will not only calm you down, but the scholar’s words will also make you recognize the right choice to make. The creator himself went to him and gave him his whole plan, seeking his feedback and assistance. Once he had a concept and approval, he returned and began working on ‘Gujarati Media Factory’, bringing it from nowhere to where you see the brand today. Don’t forget to have a peek into the future plans of Vivek and the team in the next section.

Gujarati Media Factory: The Future

It’s easier to say, “I know how it feels to be riding on zero,” than it is to confront it. Vivek was not born with a silver spoon, so he understands what it feels like to be at ground zero. By building an Instagram without sponsored marketing or support and only creating videos in a certain local language, you can say he truly portrays what it’s like to emerge from the ashes.

Gujarati Media Factory: The Future

Being a creator is never easy, and I can relate to the struggles and agony he described during our conversation. Why don’t I take you behind the scenes to the creator’s process of producing the videos you’ve seen on the ‘Gujarati Media Factory’ Instagram page?

Being a creator is never easy

Finding a subject is the most time-consuming stage. The following step is to do topic research and write the video screenplay. Gathering information and searching for the necessary items for the shot prolong the process. Moving on, they must choose the ideal place to film the video. Finding the ideal location is a difficult task in and of itself since you must ensure that the lighting is correct, the area is not overcrowded, and no other noises will interfere with the video. After all of this, the shooting begins, and he puts the prepared screenplay into action. 

Nothing is flawless the first time. Therefore, he may have to do numerous retakes to obtain the right shot or to present you with accurate data since it only takes a few hours when the information is officially altered. Not only does getting the right picture matter but so is presenting the greatest material with accurate photos. Hence he and his crew spend a lot of time editing his films, and because you guys don’t share much of his videos, he needs to beat Instagram’s algorithm each time to get into your scrolling feed.

brand's future

When I questioned him about the brand’s future, he simply stated that he wanted to help his followers so that they won’t end up in the same scenario he was in. He intended to make the brand one of the most well-known in the country and make his voice count for you guys. Further, he went on to state that he wanted to be there for his followers and help them address their problems, whether it was deciding which studies to pursue, problems at work, or anything else. He also hinted at their future plans to start a YouTube channel for ‘Gujarati Media Factory’. If you’re looking forward to the day, then comment below ‘Gujarati Media Factory’ to show your love.

Words of wisdom: For future generations

For the youngsters reading this post, I asked him to personally address you with some words of wisdom so that you may learn from him, and here’s what he had to say. The creator has stated that the young should not be drawn to materialistic things, as he began with a tripod and a Redmi Note 10 Pro smartphone. He went on to say that if you have passion, you can thrive even with basic equipment and emphasized that the smartphone is the finest item ever made in the world if utilized properly. 

He ended the discussion by concluding that he is constantly working for his followers and will always aid them if they put in true attempts to progress. And as his fans, you may reach out to the brand via DMs on his Instagram page or even tag them in the stories since he and his buddies are continuously active on the platform, assisting those in need.


This may be the end of our involvement, but it is only the beginning for Vivek, his team, and ‘Gujarati Media Factory’. I’m thankful to him for taking out some of his valuable time and allowing me to interview him. Comment below with your takeaways from his life narrative and how you feel about his hardship period. If you want me to bring up more such budding stars, share this article on Instagram and tag us @thewritingparadigm.

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